2023 The 2nd International Conference on Oil, Green Energy and Environmental Protection

May 27-28, 2023, Guiyang, China
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ConferenceMay 27-28, 2023
Notification2 Weeks


Please make sure your submission is in related areas of the following general topics. The topics include, but are not limited to:

General Topic 1: Petrochemical Engineering

Crude oil processing technology

Middle distillate technology for increasing production

High octane gasoline and reformulated gasoline

Comprehensive optimization and utilization technology of oil refinery gas

High performance catalysts, additives and additives

Research and development technology of fine petrochemical products

Research and development technology of organic chemical intermediates

Optimization and diversification of ethylene raw materials

General Topic 2: Green Energy and Advanced Materials

Utilization and development of environment-friendly fuels

Advanced technology for Wastewater Recovery

Sustainable Advanced Materials

Exploit of Offshore Wind Energy/Nuclear energy

Solar Heating and Cooling for Industry

Modelling and Optimization of Combined Heat and Power

Application of geothermal energy in agriculture and breeding

General Topic 3: Environmental Protection

Advanced Technologies for Water Purification

Agriculture reclamation and Ecological reconstruction

Air purification and air quality monitoring

Networking and computing in Environmental Monitoring

Marine waste removal technology

Vegetation cover and climate change

Natural disasters prevention and post-disaster reconstruction

And other related areas